Field Level Sensor Network Seminar

WINA are sponsoring a Webinar: “A Winning Strategy for the Global Industrial Wireless Trifecta” Tuesday, February 26 at 10:00 ET that might help you better understand the challenges and benefits of mixing wireless field sensor networks.  The presenters are Robert Assimiti, and Rares Ivan, of Nivis developers of several radio chip sets used in field level networks.

This webinar focuses on defining a winning strategy for the current global industrial wireless trifecta of ISA100.11a, WirelessHART and the Chinese WIA-PA standards. Another item that must be taken into consideration is the proliferation of IP based networks and the emerging Internet of Things, begin discussed as the basis for a global standard based ecosystem of interconnected wired and wireless Smart Objects that augment the existing Internet.

The solutions presented and explained during the course of this webinar will provide some thoughts on how these 3 disparate technologies might be combined into a future proof wireless ecosystem.
More information on the event is posted on the WINA web site at and the online registration is open at Registration requires you to either login with your existing profile or create a new account and the registration fee is $55 for nonmembers.

I will be at the ARC Forum in Orlando next week with CONTROL’s Editor-in-Chief Walt Boyes where we will be reporting to you as well as the readers of ManufacturingAutomation magazine the highlights of the event.

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