Industrial Wireless Spectrum Management in a Global Economy

The ETSI EN 300 220-2 European standard that are being driven by commercial /consumer interest groups intended to reduce the likelihood of signal interference in the ISM bands could have a significant impact on how Industrial wireless networks will be designed and operated. Because the standard applies to any device generating above 10mW and the two industrial wireless network consortia are not publically indicating how they are going to address this issue, including something as simple as what energy level their devices do use or what shorter distance will be required between nodes in a ‘canyons of steel’ plant environment. Perhaps they are hoping that future radio sets will need less power so this will not be an issue by the time the standard comes into force.

Industrial wireless manufacturers and the lack of cooperation between our wireless camps which prevents a coordinated response to this document is certainly not helping in any way. Though the ‘Heathrow’ initiative does not seem to have accomplished much now is the time for WirelessHART and ISA100.11a suppliers to come together on this one.

For those interested, the standard itself is available at