Kanduski Returns!

After a too long hiatus I am back – fulfilling a New Year’s resolution, coincidentally on the eve of Chinese New Year, to post regularly (weekly at a minimum) on all things that interest myself and hopefully you that I come across between updates.

Therefore here is this week’s instalment of items that crossed my inbox recently. ON World just release there report “802.15.4 & ZigBee: Enabling the Internet of Things” http://onworld.com/zigbee/execsum/ which can be viewed for free though the full report is $3000.

FDT Group has just become an ISA Promotional Partner to educate industry professionals on open standards enabling device and network integration. This partnership will expand on the existing relationship supporting the IEC 62453, ANSI/ISA103 and China GB/T 29618 standard promulgation in North America to include opportunities to share with the ISA community implementation information from around the world.

In the cybersecurity realm, the two parts of Byres Security are now reunited. Byres Security sold their ‘services’ business to Exida a number of years ago and as per this press release the two companies are now reuniting in a formal agreement to bring the expertise together again.

An interesting Cybersecurity graphic is available from http://www.industrial-ip.org/knowledge-center/solutions/security-and-compliance/security-infographic?utm_source=www.iebmedia.com&utm_medium=November+newsletter&utm_content=Security+Matters+infographic&utm_campaign=Industrial+IP+Advantage 

Until next time, please forward any items you think might be of interest. Comments are always welcome. - Ian