Sojourn is Over

After quietly disappearing from your radar at the end of April to join a global manufacturing company I am pleased to say that after that did not work out as planned Walt Boyes was kind enough to ask me to resume this blog so “The Great Kanduski” is back. It is my intention to remain an End User this time around so hopefully will be here for the long haul this time. However, to have an effective blog requires feedback so I encourage each of you to send me your suggestions on topics of interest, problems that you would like to see addressed, or events you think worthy of sharing with other readers. No guarantee if or when we will cover them however we will make an effort to do so in a timely manner as timeliness is one of the biggest blog benefits.

I will also try to post at least weekly, but if something interests me in between posts and inspiration strikes I may be more frequent. Who knows if something or someone I see at the arena while officiating hockey here in Calgary will tweak the neurons as inspiration can strike at the weirdest times.

Looking forward to hearing from you and keeping the communications open. - Ian

Ian Verhappen is a contributor and blogger for Control and Control Design. He has 25+ years experience in instrumentation, controls and automation. You can email him at or check out his Google+ profile.