WirelessHART Seminar – GREAT investment

I attended the WirelessHART seminar presented in Edmonton this week by Chuck Micallef, Jim Cobb, and Eric Olson to learn a bit more about how it all works and was certainly glad I made the effort. If you get a chance to participate in one of these I certainly recommend you do so, especially as the price is right – free (okay well your time is not free). These gentlemen combined lecture with conversations, anecdotes and demonstration to not only teach participants the basics of WirelessHART theory – how it works, at least enough for you to implement. (If you want to learn how to design WirelessHART devices the HART Communications Foundation has a course for that.) What was really good was the seminar is designed to share basic tips and suggestions on how to actually install a working system including several “rules of thumb” and troubleshooting pointers. The only thing I wish was discussed a bit more in the course was some of the changes that HART 7 has for wired transmitters.

If you are unable to attend a seminar, the HART Communications Foundation have e-learning modules, http://www.hartcomm2.org/etraining/ including a test at the end to be sure you actually learned something, but you do get a certificate of completion when you pass at.

Also the latest HART Supplement, the 10th issue actually, will be appearing in your mail box soon and will have several features on WirelessHART.

Great job Chuck, Eric & Jim!