ARC Forum in February Was Highly Optimistic

Hello, all, I am still getting going on this blog, so I'm a month late with this one. But I wanted to mention this.  From February 6-9, I attended the ARC Forum in Orlando. It was the best conference of any kind in eight years. Over 600 people, more end users than others. The best presentations that I have ever seen at an ARC Event--and I have been critical in the past. Nice job. The end users were spending money.  Vendors were showing new technologies. Operations workflow products. OPC UA products. Manufacturing service business products.  EMI products based on workflow. Next-gen PLM. Mobile solutions. ARC's program brought in many end-user speakers who talked about how they applied the next generation of solutions. They talked about pros, cons,and what not to do. I left this event with a great attitude and optimism.