Day One - MRO Materials and Asset Reliability Symposium

Some 100 + attendees are gathering in St. Charles IL to explore and share best practices when it comes to asset maintenance.  The conference kicked off with an afternoon keynote by Shaun Flaherty of Kraft foods discussing all of the aspects of reliability improvement that Kraft is deploying.  Inventory management, condition based maintenance and operator involvement in maintenance were the big three issues discussed.  For ControlGlobal readers the key take-away was that the better the process data the easier it was for Kraft to achieve the level of improvement that they were looking for.

Follow-on sessions covered cGMP issues as they relate to maintenance, Inventory management, and a detailed presentation of Building the Business Case for Reliability Improvement.  Again, the key message is the better the data the easier it is to build that business case.  Final sessions of the day dealt with creating a world class maintenance organization using F1 as the model, MRO Stockroom best practices, and Leveraging Reliability to Improve OEE.

The conference is sponsored by MRO Connection, a unique approach to delivering MRO services to the marketplace via a consortia MRO experts.  More on both the program and MRO Connection in the next couple of daily posts I’ll be doing from the event.

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