Did you see the Market Intelligence Report: Process Control Software?

Hello All, Well I have been lost in space again. It has been an interesting month with my clients and vacation. I am now back with my feet on the ground and blogging will be picking up. Walt Boyes, our Editor in Chief, has just posted the Market Intelligence Report for Process Control Software. Control surveyed over 300 end users. The results of this study are worth the 8-minute look. Basically, from my world of manufacturing operation management software or MES, business intelligence, decision support and business-to-manufacturing integration, the survey showed that only 20% to 25% of end users are using these production management tools. The results are very disturbing from the point of view that the current executive core of process and manufacturing companies still believe that they can compete globally and transfer thenknowledge of their aging workforce without these advanced operations management systems. This just goes to show that Lean and Six Sigma concepts are nothing but political rhetoric to the North American executive. A day of reckoning is coming.