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Hello All,I am finally moving forward with ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0 after a 2 year break.  Book 1.0 was great success.  Many companies and industry analysts have made it required educational reading.  To build on this in Book 2.0, we, as the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Working Group, will chose 10 methodology or detailed vertical examples to publish.  If we have enough material, we may consider actually publishing a Book 3.0 depending on number and kind of abstracts since over the last 2 years the real world applications of ISA-95 have grown dramatically around the globe and across industries.  Our goal is publish Book 2.0 in Q1 2010 through ISA Publications and have available for the Spring 2010 MESA Conference. ACTION ITEM:  If you are still interested in being an author or reviewer, please send me a confirmation email with your full contact information including address.  If you are an author, provide me an updated abstract, outline and draft completion date. Our current approved abstracts for Book 2.0 are as follows: 1.       MOM Standards-based SOA for Manufacturing Overview2.       ISA-95 Maturity Model and Strategy Methods3.       BPM applied MOM Metadata Models4.       Manufacturing Application Framework (MAF) 2.0 methodology5.       WSDL and B2MML We are specifically (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) looking for methodology white papers on either 1) updated extension of the Book 1.0 papers or 2) some derivative of the following:1.       Single Schema Migration Strategy2.       Skill Set Mapping of Super Users and Operators3.       Transaction Mapping and Loading Estimates for MOM Architectural Design4.       Vertical Industry examples of 88/95 Hybrid manufacturing information models5.       Who own MOM Master Data, why and how?6.       ISA-95/MIMOSA Hybrid Production information Models for the Process Industries7.       Core B2MML Transactions and Business Processes by Vertical industry8.       How ISA-95 accelerates Lean Transformation through 5S and Standard Work for meta data9.       Any B2MML Application Papers 10.  Consolidation and rationalization of the valuable "insitu" information/discussions from the List Servers of ISA-95 and the WBF XML Working Group over the last 4 years.  Based on the abstracts received, we will select the additional 4 or 5 papers to define the theme for Book 2.0.  We will look to bring other qualified papers in Book 3.0 around defined theme.  All approved papers will be individual MESA white papers.  

Authors and Reviewers are needed to form the new white paper committees.   If interested, please contact me directly with an abstract, outline, and draft completion date  by June 1 so that white paper committees can be formed for an September 2009 Draft review completion.  

All abstracts are reviewed by the Editorial Advisory Board of the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Working Group.  Papers should support the manufacturing application framework 1.0 (MAF) from Book 1.0 or propose changes for updated MAF 2.0.
MAF 1.0
Class #1: ISA-95 Technical Applications for Improving B2M Interface Interoperability
Class #2: ISA-95 Transformation Methodology for Improving Operations Interoperability
    Step 1: Train Staff and Benchmark Technical Applications to Improve B2M Interface Interoperability (Define)
    Step 2:  Structured Mfg. Operations Assessment and Schema Migration Plan (Define, Measure, Analyze)
    Step 3: Accelerated MOM Implementation and Transformation (Analyze, Improve, Control)
    Step 4: Life Cycle Management of MOM Application, Interfaces & Metrics (Analyze, Improve, Control) 
As the Chair of the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Working Group, it was a real honor and pleasure of working with 9 white paper committees to develop Book 1.0 to put together the first collection of ISA-95 best practices whitepapers. These white paper committees where comprised of members (authors and reviewers) from 23 companies and 11 countries.
The 95BPWG's goal is to create a public forum to publish current ISA95 technical and methodology applications within the evolving framework defined in WP #1 on 1-2 year BASIS.   This provides a vehicle for the ISA-95 based manufacturing application framework and best practices to evolve and be documented efficiently and openly.  As such, our goal is to provide public methodologies for manufacturing operations management to increase the MOM competency level globally.  The result also provides a vehicle to document how the ISA-95 standards needs a correction to function better as a real world application set. The 95BPWG is supported by both ISA and MESA International, and is a high priority for each of these organizations. Here is the collection in ISA-95 Best Practices Book 1.0
1.  ISA-95 Best Practices and Business Case Evolve Through Manufacturing Application
2.  An Overview and Comparison of ISA-95 and OAGIS (Standards for Mfg. Systems Integration ISA-95 and OAGIS White Paper Series, White Paper #1)
3.  Related Manufacturing Integration Standards, A Survey (Standards for Mfg. Systems Integration ISA-95 and OAGIS White Paper Series, White Paper #2)
4.  ISA-95 As Is/To Be Study Method
5.  Manufacturing Information Systems - ISA-88/95 based Functional Definition
6.  Workflow Descriptions Using B2MML
7.  ISA-95 Based Operations and KPI Metrics Assessment and Analysis
8.  ISA-95: The (SAP) Enterprise-Plant Link to Achieve Adaptive Manufacturing
9.  ISA-95 Based Change Management
Best Regards,Charlie GiffordChief Manufacturing Consultant21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC O: 208-788-5434, M: 208-309-0990, F: 208-788-5690