Why Manufacturing 2020?

I chose the title for this blog based on the dual meanings of 2020. First of all the year 2020 isn't all that far away yet there is doubt that many manufacturers, particularly in the developed world, will survive to see 2020. This blog is about providing the insight to help manufacturers operate efficiently, sustainably and most important, profitably so they can survive into the next decade. The second meaning of 2020 is associated with visual acuity. 20/20 implies clear vision, which is the primary objective I'll keep in mind as I post to the blog. I'll strive to keep it simple and straight-forward. The goal is to provide insight that is clear, concise and objective.

Over the coming months expect to see posts on a wide range of topics related to making manufacturers more agile and responsive. Nothing will be off limits, when something doesn't make economic sense I'll be among the first to say so.

Many thanks to Charlie Gifford who owned Manufacturing 2020's predecessor "Hitchhiking through Manufacturing." I have known Charlie for over 20 years and view him as one of the true advocates of manufacturing excellence. His work in establishing an audience in the ControlGlobal community for enterprise level issue discussion will hopefully live on in Manufacturing 2020.

Dan Miklovic is blogger contributor for Control's blog Manufacturing 2010. You can email him at danmiklovic@gmail.com or check out his Google+ profile.