2011 ACS Control System Cyber Security Conference Draft Agenda - September 20-22 - Washington DC

The draft agenda for the Applied Control Solutions September 20-22 Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber Security Conference is now available. It is packed and provides many topics not discussed elsewhere. More information will be coming on the hotel venue. The registration page should be available within two weeks. Please contact me if you have any questions (408) 253-7934 or joe.weiss@realtimeacs.com

Joe Weiss



- Current ICS cyber security industry status

- ICS issues with McAfee and Ponemon reports (lack of ICS input)

- Trends from SCADA Sec

- Domestic utility experience in going beyond NERC CIP

- ICS cyber security workforce training

- Chemical industry ICS (it is more than just an electric problem)

- Trusted Computing Group application to ICS (applied at a factory)

- State-sponsored cyber activities against ICS (Night Dragon, etc)



- Risk issues with ICS cyber security

- DHS ICS cyber security status

- Navy experience with ICS cyber security

- Air Force discussion on CyberWar

- Legislative status update on cyber security



- IT hacker experience with Siemens controllers and VxWorks

- RTU testing (disclosure and vulnerability issues)

- Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) for ICSs

- Demonstrations of ICS cyber vulnerabilities (control systems and smart meters)


ICS Cyber Incidents

- Networking issues with ICSs and associated case histories

- Control system incidents that could be caused by cyber attacks

- NTSB presentation on San Bruno natural gas pipeline rupture (if report available)

- Commonalties of San Bruno, Bellingham, and other ICS Cyber Incidents

- ICS forensics from Stuxnet investigation


Equipment Issues

Experience in certifying ICS's and IEC 62443-2-4

- US/Israel joint effort to secure RTUs

- ABB perspectives on ICS cyber security

- Microsoft perspectives on ICS cyber security

- SEIM for a water treatment plant

- Securing Combustion Turbine communication links

- Development of independent overview of ICS and additional ICS cyber forensics


Joe Weiss