ACS Conference – DATE CHANGE - Week of September 19th

When I first started the Control System Cyber Security Conference in 2002, it was the “only game in town”. Over time Smart Grid and “SCADA security” are getting more popular as can be seen by the multitude of conferences. Last year, I changed the October conference date to September because of a conflict with a major Smart Grid conference also in Washington. Ironically, the result was the ACS Conference held the first public discussions on Stuxnet.  After sending out the notice of the October 17th date, I was informed there were two other conferences that week – NERC and the ISA Expo. Consequently, I will again move the date this time to the week September 19th, still in the metro Washington DC area, to minimize conflicts. I already have tentative commitments for presentations on actual, though not public, control system cyber incidents. I also expect to have significant discussions on the control system issues that impacted the natural gas pipeline rupture that killed eight. These discussions will be applicable to all natural gas (and gasoline) pipelines. Stay tuned for other presentations.
Joe Weiss