Another Help for Watching Out for Cyber Nasties

Stuxnet has reminded us yet again that we live in a world that is not necessarily full of friendly people who mean us well. The folks at Byres Security have launched a new service to help us keep abreast of what's going on out there among the troublemakers and how to make sure the trouble doesn't land at our facilities. 

Eric Byres sent me the following email yesterday:

In the interest of providing you with timely information on ICS and SCADA security issues, we have started a new service. Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre (CCIRC) information notes on Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities Against SCADA Systems are now being posted on

These CCIRC notes are published by the Government of Canada and are excellent summaries of the numerous CERT, Bug-trak and CVE security bulletins, condensing 100s of pages of information down to three or four.

This month’s note, IN10-502, includes the following:

1. Modbus/TCP OPC Server Vulnerability (November 18)
2. Realflex Technologies Ltd. Realwin SCADA Vulnerability (November 9)
3. VTScada Internet Server Access Privileges Exploitation (October 26)
4. MOXA Device Manager Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (October 20)
5. BACnet OPC Client Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (September 21)

This service is free, but you do have to register at