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Cybersecurity for Level 0,1 devices is underdeveloped

May 11, 2023
“Challenges in Federal Facility Control System Cyber Security, Including Level 0 and 1 Devices” addresses the problem that cybersecurity for Level 0,1 devices is underdeveloped

My paper, “Challenges in Federal Facility Control System Cyber Security, Including Level 0 and 1 Devices” was published on the National Academies of Sciences website.

The paper addresses the problem that cybersecurity for Level 0,1 devices - which include sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things - is underdeveloped. The Federal Facilities Council white paper addresses changes to improve cybersecurity, productivity, process safety, predictive maintenance and resilience, while also breaking down cultural and organizational barriers. This applies to all buildings including office buildings, data centers, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and others.

The continuing gap in understanding the importance of cyber secure process instrumentation can be seen from the March 2023 CISA RIPDWG White Paper, “Research, Development, and Innovation for Enhancing Resilience of Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructure Needs and Strategic Action”. The gap can be seen clearly in that process instrumentation was not mentioned. It was not addressed even though process instrumentation devices are the underpinning of every cyber-physical infrastructure. Specifically, the white paper states a need for research focused on innovative approaches to aligning the design, development, and retrofit of physical infrastructure with ecosystem benefits to support such efforts as the Engineering with Nature initiative pioneered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Building Community Resilience with Nature-Based Solutions effort. But an essential element of that infrastructure, process instrumentation, was not even addressed.

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