Even many IT security experts are not aware of the unique aspects of control system cyber security

Richard Steinnon sent me copy of his book “There Will Be Cyberwar”. This was not meant to be a formal book review but the book provided further ammunition about the lack of understanding about control system cyber security by knowledgeable IT cyber security experts. Richard is a well-known IT cyber security analyst. As he states, the book is an extension of his Master’s dissertation for an MA in War in the Modern World from King’s College in London. The book was about cyber war and consequently focused on IT issues. Control system discussions were a small piece and were discussed only in context of non-military applications. I talked to Richard about this shortcoming because the military, not just the US, is a significant user of industrial control systems. Richard, and many others, were not aware the US DOD is a large user of industrial control systems in many critical applications and the various issues that make control system cyber security different than IT security. There is a real need to educate IT cyber security experts and policy makers about the unique issues associated with control system cyber security.

Joe Weiss