FERC climbs on the cybersecurity bandwagon…finally!

http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/newstex/AFX-0013-21569682.htm From the article: WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal energy regulators said Monday they have asked the White House to approve a rule that requires the electric industry to submit detailed reports about its progress in addressing potential cyber-security vulnerabilities. In its order asking the Office of Management and Budget to approve the new requirement, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission cited the ability of government scientists earlier this year to hack into a simulated power-plant control system and cause an electric generator to destroy itself. 'The commission intends to immediately issue a directive that requires all generator owners, generator operators, transmission owners and transmission operators that are registered by the North American Electric Reliability Corp. and located in the United States to provide to NERC certain information related to actions they have taken or intend to take to protect against' similar cyber vulnerabilities, according to the notice.