Is the Edison Electric Institute in bed with NERC and FERC?

Here's a sanitized communication from EEI: EEI Security Committee Members: "¦. Second, as those of you on the call heard, a Congressional hearing has been scheduled to look into the cyber security of the electric grid following the CNN report with the INL video. We do not have all of the details but our understanding is that the hearing will take place on Wednesday, October 17. NERC will provide a witness (I believe it will be Dave Whiteley) and there is a possibility that Joe Kelliher, chairman of FERC, may testify, although that is not confirmed. EEI will support NERC in preparing testimony. It is also likely that Joe Weiss will either be asked to testify, or at the very least, will be present and take the opportunity to get his views expressed for the record. Joe's comments to FERC on the CIP Standards NOPR. The committee we believe is holding the hearing is the House Homeland Security Committee, Subcommittee on Cybersecurity. This committee filed comments at FERC on the CIP Standards NOPR, which is an unusual action for a Congressional committee. I have attached those comments for your comparison with Joe's comments - I think it is safe to conclude that Joe has had some influence on this committee's view of cybersecurity in the electric industry.