ISA99 initiates 2 new working groups –Level 0,1 devices and IIOT

The purpose of this new working group on Level 0,1 devices (eg, sensors, actuators, and drives) is to assess whether the IEC62443 series has adequately addressed the security of these devices and if not to make recommendations for additional action. It is expected these devices will have substantial differences than network systems.  As an a side, Level 0,1 devices are “things” for IIOT. Please contact me at if there is an interest in participating.

IIOT is a specific case of ICS with a very wide range of objects, an extended surface area and high scalability. This new working group (WG9) will examine whether the approach developed by ISA99 in the case of conventional ICS – in particular the zone and conduit concept – is still appropriate and sufficient. It will analyze the possible content to give to the notion of "Secure by design" object (physical protection, robust software, secure elements, secure boot ...). It will examine how to secure an IIOT architecture composed of secure by design objects (centralized approach that equates the IIOT with a "social network" or decentralized approach such as that of the blockchain). It will study the possibility of developing and applying intrusive detection systems based on learning and artificial intelligence, at the level of systems, subsystem or even components. The first meeting is scheduled for Friday September 29th at 9am Eastern. Please contact Eric Cosman at if there is an interest in participating.

Joe Weiss