It’s all thanks to Congress…progress, that is!

Congressional support – it has been necessary and fantastic   The NERC CIP process had been an exercise in futility for actually securing the grid. Through the efforts of Jake Olcott from the House Homeland Security staff and Congressman James Langevin and his House Homeland Security Committee, we have finally made progress. For those not aware, there have been two House Hearings – the first was last October when I testified and the second last month. Finally, NERC has gotten the message that it isn’t OK to play lip service. Rick Sergel from NERC has issued letters on what NERC now intends to do including hiring a Chief Security Officer. NERC’s Executive Vice President has registered to attend the August Conference. We will see if NERC “gets it” or continues to pay lip service. For all our sakes, let’s hope they get it. Joe Weiss