LoftyPerch is giving away C2SAT for *free*

From Bob Radvanovsky from Infracritical:


Lofty Perch announced today that it will be providing copies of the CS2SAT toolkit FREE-OF-CHARGE -- for a limited time -- to qualified asset owners.

Yes, this almost reads like a Ginsu knife commercial of "buy two, get one free" routine. But I spoke with Mark Fabro from Lofty Perch this morning, and he's sincere about this. If you are an asset owner (water utility, electric utility, gas or pipeline provider, healthcare provider, etc.), you may qualify to receive this product...for free.

I wouldn't post this on the list unless whatever service or product was free, with no strings attached. To only thing is a service fee of $399 for supporting the product. Outside of that, if you know what you're doing, are fairly confident with computers, then this might be a sweet deal for everyone. FYI...