Netragard researcher praises Citect response to vulnerability revelation

From Kevin Finisterre at Netragard:

This is a mass emailing....The information surrounding the Citect issue that Netragard has found is considered public information as far as I know.

Latest News, Security Update - Internet Display, Clients Using FTP, 23 September 2008, Citect has released security guidance relating to the use of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) capability in CitectSCADA software to configure Internet Display Client (IDC) functionality.

Timeline:August 21, 2008 Ask SCADASEC mailing list for Citect contactsAugust 21, 2008 I mailed Citect (based on some contacts that were given to me by Walt Boyes and Ron Southworth via SCADASEC) about an issue I had found.

August 21, 2008 Majella Nollan responded and started the process...

Pretty much one month later... they have a pretty nice response written up.After the initial contact was made I would say that the process was pretty kick ass. Majella spearheaded putting me in touch with a few people, she also set up a nice conf call with here engineers. All in all several emails were exchanged and a few calls made. There were definitely on top of things this time, based on conversations we had it seemed as if they had been doing some internal changes to their procedures.