American Association of Water Distribution & Management (AAWDM) critical infrastructure video is a 501c3 organization formed to advance the educational, managerial, and operational best practices of water systems.  I had an opportunity to meet with one of the AAWDM founders, James Curbeam Risk Manager of Las Vegas Valley Water District, to get his perspective of why the group was formed. According to James, the water industry doesn’t have an organization that specifically addresses risk the same way it is done in other industries, particularly because there are so many small water utilities. James was looking for a mechanism for like-minded professionals in the industry to develop a think tank for the purposes of networking and collaboration.  As such AAWDM, is making a series of videos. Module 2 is on critical infrastructure with participation from Appalachian State University, the California Water Board, Alvaka Networks, and myself. The video can be found here

Joe Weiss