Smart Grid and cyber security

Many people believe control systems can be isolated from other networks and an “air-gap” maintained. Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between that assumption and reality. This conflict was very evident at Distributech, IEEE T&D Conference, ISA Expo, ads in automation and control system literature, and today’s Smart Grid Alliance webinar. The following illustrate Smart Grid is not just AMI and cyber vulnerabilities are still being designed into equipment that will be used in the Smart Grid.

“In order for your grid to be Smart, all parts of the grid need to be Smart.  This includes having advanced sensors to improve efficiency, reliability and safety of power delivery on all parts of the grid.”  

“ABB and Silver Spring Networks have announced successful completion of interoperability testing of ABB's COM600 substation computer and PCD recloser device with Silver Spring's Smart Energy Network.”
“ABB now has a Blue tooth connection for our OVR3 Recloser. If your line folks and/or engineers would like to sit in the truck on those rainy days checking an ABB recloser, give me a call and we will get you more information.”

Consequently, we intend to have sessions at the October Control System Cyber Security Conference on Smart Grid cyber security. This will include discussions of work by national laboratories and others as well as demonstrations of hacking Smart Grid infrastructure.

Joe Weiss