Some thoughts from Jake Brodsky

Walt Boyes posting here... Jake Brodsky posted this on the SCADA list: From the article: "'This is not a tech focus; it is a Washington focus,'  [James] Lewis said. 'You always have an opportunity, when a new administration comes in, to do some quick fixes and that is what we are trying to do with this commission.'" "'There are no assumptions,' he [Marcus Sachs] said. 'Lets just get the cybersecurity experts together and see what comes out as an agenda.'" This is going from possibly good, to bad, to worse.  This panel has been assembled ostensibly for cybersecurity, but without an agenda?  I think they're fishing for new areas to legislate.  I'm concerned that these people will see industrial cyber security as an area ripe opportunity to make all kinds of Washington DC style policy.  I think I'm going to be sick... Jake Brodsky