The great divide still exists

Tomorrow, Jon Stanford, the Chief Information Security Officer from BPA, and myself will be holding a session at RSA on “Why We need Both IT Security and Control System Expertise to Secure Control Systems”.  RSA bills itself as the largest Information Security Conference in the World. Our session was originally not accepted – it didn’t fit. The only reason we are presenting is because two weeks ago, another presenter dropped out. Moreover, our session is in the Physical Security Track – there isn’t a better fit.

Yesterday, I had a chance to walk the halls and talk to IT exhibitors about control system cyber security. Many had no idea what I was talking about other than the Wall Street Journal article. A very interesting discussion was with ISC2 – the organization that offers the CISSP certification. They didn’t know about control systems, that they were different than IT, and that the CISSP does not address the issues of legacy field devices. They now want to get back to me about what can be done about certification.

Joe Weiss