Webinar on the hole in control system cyber security

May 8-10, 2018, The Critical Infrastructure Association of America, Inc. is holding HackNYC2018 in New York. The conference is meant to address cyber attacks that can cause kinetic effects. Kinetic cyber refers to a class of cyber attacks that can cause physical damage, injury or death through the exploitation of systems and/or physical processes. Cyber attacks that impact physical processes can cause catastrophic failures and wide spread electric outages of many month duration and yet not be detected by network anomaly detection.  As I have been trying to prevent these types of problems for many years, I have been asked to give a preconference webinar so the conference attendees have a better understanding of the issues. The webinar will address the following from the perspective of a control system engineer:

- identify what is control system cyber security, 

- delineate what makes it different than IT security, 

- discuss examples of using cyber means to cause kinetic damage through manipulation of physics,

- identify what is missing in today's control system cyber security programs, 

- show how this hole directly affects reliability and safety,

- discuss actual control system cyber incidents that have caused catastrophic damage,

- identify what can be done to address this hole and the accruing benefits in productivity, reliability, safety, and security.

The webinar will be at 10amPacific on May 3rd. Information can be found at


Joe Weiss