Reader Feedback: Fresh approach needed for plant and process improvement

March 27, 2016
Reader says "there is much room for improvement at most all plants and processes."

In response to the recent column, "DCS future to be inspired by aerospace industry," by John Rezabek, process control specialist, ISP Corp:

"Thank you for your insight and great comments in your recent article on DCS future in Control magazine. I found the ExxonMobil decision most interesting when I first heard the news a few weeks ago. Perhaps we will see a unique, robust change in not just the DCS but all the elements in the process loops and enterprise that work better for the end user. We have seen a reverse in technology advances in recent years at many of our clients due to corporate cut backs and top-down driven decisions taking engineering out of the empowerment or capital generating roles. This is driving stagnancy, which in turn drives poor performance, which then drives more mergers seen as quick fixes.

There is much room for improvement at most all plants and processes, and I applaud a fresh approach. I found your article refreshing and thank you for taking the time in your busy career to make a difference."

— John Caldwell,
Sales Manager at Smith Instrument 

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