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New OneWireless Release Is "Standards-Ready"

June 16, 2008
Honeywell Demonstrating at User Conference How End Users Have Successfully Applied OneWireless Technology

Honeywell Process Solutions announced today at its annual users group gathering in Phoenix a new release of its OneWireless industrial wireless communication architecture. The latest OneWireless release is the process industries’ first mesh network with ISA100-ready hardware, said Harsh Chitale, vice president of strategy and global marketing.

One highlight of this year’s Honeywell Users Group meeting is a theater-style, multimedia presentation demonstrating how end users have successfully applied OneWireless technology. Here, Honeywell wireless guru David Kaufman plays a process plant operator who discovers his own hidden powers.
“We are now in a position to offer a solution that is hardware-compliant with ISA 100.11a,” Chitale said. “When the standard is finalized, we’ll be able to deliver a software upgrade over the air, by pressing a button on the operator console.”

“Manufacturers have been asking for a secure and reliable multi-functional wireless network that can handle the thousands of devices they use within their plants,” continued Chitale. “Until now, the only way to do so was with proprietary systems. The ISA100.11a standard will allow OneWireless users to achieve this vision using a standards-based network.”

The release also extends Honeywell’s product line of transmitters with a new XYR 6000 Digital Input wireless transmitter. OneWireless supports a broad range of both wired and wireless transmitters, including corrosion, gauge pressure, differential pressure, high-level analog input and temperature transmitters.

As a single network supporting both sensors and IEEE 802.11-based applications, OneWireless also supports mobile worker devices, such as Honeywell’s IntelaTrac*PKS, and the Experion Mobile Station can improve plant safety by helping customers quickly locate employees.

In addition, the latest OneWireless release expands the interface capabilities of the system, supporting the HART protocol. HART is commonly used by asset management applications such as Honeywell’s Field Device Manager. OneWireless system management software makes any XYR 6000 transmitter communicate to existing HART-enabled applications in the same manner as to a wired HART device.

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