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March 7, 2008
Web Highlights. What’s New This Month on ControlGlobal.com

By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

ControlGlobal.com has launched two new monthly video series and a new blog.

“Back to the Basics” launched in late January. It’s the first of two video series to inaugurate our 2008 multimedia redesign.

The goal with this video series is to revisit the basics of automation, presenting the history, advances and changes of some automation devices.

Log on to ControlGlobal.com/backtobasics.html to watch this video, and see editor-in-chief Walt Boyes discuss PC-based control.

Stay tuned to this link and watch future Back to the Basics reports.

The “Market Intelligence Report” series opened with results of Control’s calibration practices survey. In this survey, we learned unexpected things about how end users calibrate field devices and manage their calibration processes. Watch this video and learn what the results of the survey were. Visit ControlGlobal.com/marketintelligencereport.html.

Charlie Gifford is our latest addition to Control’s family of bloggers and columnists. Gifford has documented different methodologies and applications of the ISA-95 enterprise-to-control integration standards. In his first Control column, “Time for Plant and Corporate IT to Grow Up,” he describes himself as a “road warrior” who has learned how to optimize manufacturing through industrial IT.

In this same column, Gifford introduces his blog, “Hitchhiking Through Process,” and invites you to join this online community where he plans to discuss methods of integrating the plant floor and the enterprise. Join Gifford in his blog by visiting ControlGlobal.com/hitchhiking.

Lastly, Walt Boyes was a featured speaker at Texas A&M’s 63rd Annual Instrumentation Symposium held Jan. 29–31 at the university. The symposium’s focus was education, it and presented practical technical papers as well as exhibits. Boyes discussed how automation professionals are going to survive and prosper in a changing world, and how they will raise automation to the business level.

You can get a copy of his presentation by searching our whitepaper library. Search for “Raising Automation to the Business Level” at ControlGlobal.com/whitepapers/index.html.

White Papers

Removable Storage Media and PLCs
Why can’t my PLC interface easily to off-the-shelf devices?

Bio-Ethanol Refinery Efficiency
Learn how measurement automation strategies are key to efficiency in bio-ethanol refinery.

Automation’s Business Value Proposition
See the the bottom line impact and improved business performance gained from using industrial IT solutions.

Special to te Web

Tips for Identifying Counterfeits
OSHA and ACIL draft recommendations to help users identify counterfeit devices.

Capital Preservation, Businesses’ Life Blood
If they were called “instrumented capital preservation systems” instead of safety instrumented systems, every CEO would insist that his company have one.

The Status Quo Isn’t
Web applications may be the next big thing in computing. Are you ready?