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ABB retains top distributed control system market spot

Jan. 10, 2020
ARC Advisory Group report ranks ABB first in DCS market for 20th year

The value of the global distributed control system (DCS) market will reach $17.4 billion by 2023, according to new research by ARC Advisory Group, which also reported that ABB increased its market share to 20%, giving it the lead for the 20th year in a row. The company adds that it's grown its DCS share by 1.8% since 2008.

The ARC report explains that ABB's strong presence in many vertical industries served by DCSs was a primary reason for its success. These verticals include water and wastewater, oil and gas, chemicals and refining, pharmaceuticals and biotech, and food and beverage.

“Being independently verified as the global market leader in DCS for 20 years is an outstanding moment of pride for ABB, and a testament of our technology leadership and the strength of our long-term customer relations," says Peter Terwiesch, president of ABB Industrial Automation. "We continue to invest in developments that extend the power of the DCS to combine electrical and process automation, and help our customers leverage the era of digitalization with cloud and edge-based applications and services.”      

As an integration platform, ABB reports its System 800xA DCS is an integration platform that includes an electrical control system, a safety system, and a collaboration tool that improves engineering efficiency, operator performance and overall asset management. It also enables ABB Ability Collaborative Operations to automatically analyze and derive predictive maintenance and performance enhancement actions that users and ABB experts employ to improve operations.

“In dynamic, digitalizing industries, it’s challenging to maintain consistency with the fast pace of technology development and rapid market changes,” adds Harry Forbes, senior analyst at ARC Advisory Group. “As analysts, it’s interesting to observe how ABB manages acquisitions, maintains installed bases and addresses the Internet of Things (IoT) with consistency in DCS and other automation market spaces.”