ISA's Automation Engineering Survival Training Boot Camp

July 17, 2014
Surviving in a World of Process Automation and System Integration:

Sharpen your process automation and system integration know-how at ISA's NEW boot camp — part of the ISA Automation Engineering Survival Training Series:

Automation Engineering Survival Training: Integrator Version (AESTIV):

ISA's new Automation Engineering Survival Training: Integrator Version (AESTIV), designed specifically for system integrators, focuses on concepts important to automation engineers and others involved in a project design and commissioning role. This unique process automation engineering experience is designed to hone your process automation knowledge and skills.

Who Should Attend?

  • New automation, control system, or process control engineers working for system integrators
  • Seasoned system integration engineers looking to refresh their process automation skills
  • Automation engineers wishing to move into a career as a system integrator

You Will Cover:

  • Measurement and Documentation
  • Control Valves, Control Strategies, and Loop Tuning
  • Advanced Control: Operator Effectiveness & Safety Systems
  • Industrial Security & Project Management
  • Advanced Process Automation

Location, Date:

ISA Headquarters
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
August 4-8
Click here to learn more and enroll yourself, your co-workers, and/or your employees.
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