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Process automation blood drive - calling young and mature engineers

April 8, 2013
The Automation Industry Needs New Blood. Find Out What You Can Do To Aid in this Professional Blood Transfussion

Paul J. Galeski, CEO and founder of MAVERICK Technologies, said in the article "Preparing for an Automation Renaissance" that the shortage of skilled automation professionals is putting a serious constraint on the industry's success. He wondered why there is such a shortage in the industry and went ahead listing some key reasons why this is so:

  1. The automation workforce is retiring and not being replaced quickly enough.
  2. There are limited education programs for students to obtain training they need to successfully hold careers in automation.
  3. Students see the field of automation as boring and less desirable compared to other fields such as software development or medical technology.

The automation field needs the help of all its professionals to change the shortage of industry professionals.

Read the full article to see what you can do to inspire young professionals and secure the future of the automation industry.

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