OPC Foundation in SPE Workshop

June 6, 2012
The Workshop is "Well Construction Automation--Preparing for the Big Jump Forward"

The OPC Foundation will participate in the Society of Petroleum Engineer's (SPE) workshop, "Well Construction Automation—Preparing for the Big Jump Forward." This SPE workshop is being held at the Sebastian Vail in Vail, Colo., July 16-18, 2012. OPC is conducting a series of presentations and a panel session, "Interoperability—Developing Systems Automation."  

Automation in drilling and completion operations is coming quickly, and its rapid adoption could leave many industry players behind. This workshop will impart important lessons learned from other industries, as well as provide an update on the latest automation developments. It will recognize the future applications within the oil and gas industry of such technologies as robotics, machine learning and autonomous task performance without continuous human guidance, along with the speed with which these technologies can be applied. 

The event will include an appearance by Dr. Luis Sentis and the University of Texas at Austin's artificially intelligent humanoid robot, Dreamer.  Register for the event at http://www.spe.org/events/12avai.

"The OPC Foundation is very excited about the opportunity to expand the reach of the OPC technology into the automation of well construction, and I believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the OPC Foundation community to participate in a SPE workshop that provides a solid foundation of knowledge/networking with respect to future applications within the oil and gas industry. You will get the opportunity to hear from the experts in the oil and gas industry, as well as other experts in automation, and share their vision of achieving multivendor interoperability," says Thomas Burke, president of the OPC Foundation.