Eurotherm Nanodac Recorder/Controller Now Integral to InFusion

Nov. 4, 2011
New data integrity and integration capabilities help customers achieve operational excellence.

PLANO, Texas – Invensys Operations Management has introduced the latest version of its Eurotherm nanodac recorder/controller, including three important updates that link the device more closely with the company's InFusion Enterprise Control system. The updates include greater storage flexibility for longer local data archiving; store and forward data retrieval; and connectivity to the company’s Wonderware Historian, a key component of the Enterprise Control System, for easier restoration, reporting and analysis.

The nanodac recorder/controller is ideal as a local historian to third-party equipment, but can also be utilized as a stand-alone device. It interfaces directly with the Wonderware Historian, providing a combination of secure, hardware-based local data acquisition and storage, and information, analysis and reporting software. With 50 megabytes of flash memory for data storage, as well as an on-screen help system and remote viewing functionality, the device allows plant-floor operators and supervisors to monitor and discuss the health of their process from virtually anywhere, creating a fully empowered workforce that can use real-time operating information to make better operating and business decisions.

"High-integrity data collection and retention for continuous or batch processing is critical for many industries," said Bob Postlethwaite, global marketing director, Invensys Operations Management. "Without a local collection and retention device, when communications fail, processors risk losing important data. For a food and beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturer, for example, that could lead to a batch being quarantined or even scrapped. With its local historian and powerful memory, the Eurotherm nanodac recorder/controller can store up to 38 set-up values. Additionally, its 'store and forward' connection to our Wonderware Historian component not only ensures that data retrieval is automatically implemented whenever needed, it is restored in crystal sharp display with highly accurate records that are updated every 1/8th of a second."

In addition to its extensive data acquisition capability, the Eurotherm nanodac instrument also has an option to provide two high-stability PID loops with the unique Eurotherm Autotune facility. Both the product and its remote viewer application support several languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The device also: meets many exacting standards for measurement, including Nadcap for aerospace compliance; can be used to aid 21CFR Part11 compliance for Pharmaceutical Electronic Records; has up to eight universal inputs coupled with high-density recording, and produces tamperproof files that can be retained in a long-term archive.

Representatives from Invensys Operations Management will display and demonstrate the Eurotherm nanodac recorder/controller during the company's OpsManage'11 events, taking place at the CNIT La Defense Conference Center in Paris, France, November 3-4, and November 8-10 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. To learn more about the recorder/controller, please visit the Field Operations and Equipment Center in the OpsManage’11 EXPO, contact your local Invensys sales office or sales representative.