IFPAC-2011 Keeps Things Current With the Latest in Process Analysis and in Process Control

Nov. 11, 2010
Opening New Doors in Process Analysis and Control. Sharing Knowledge to Make Better Decisions

IFPAC-2011 is being held January 17-21 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, located within Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

The event will kick-off on Tuesday, January 18th with workshops on Multi-Variate Statistics for Plant-Wide Monitoring and Optimization: Mature Tools for New Uses providing an opportunity to learn about the newest technologies and trend that can help improve productivity.

IFPAC-2011 will be an invaluable forum to learn about new developments and trends in the field of process analytical chemistry, technology and control applications in many different industries. This conference will provide critical tools for continuous improvement, innovative thinking and optimized results for facing today's challenges and preparing for the future.

  • Continuing toward the future… cutting edge topics, case studies, and expert speakers representing the global market and regulatory framework.
  • A high-profile plenary including The Deep Water Horizon Spill; a historical tutorial from the first director of CPAC and a co-founder of chemometrics; the impact of mass spectroscopy, and using process analysis within biotechnology.
  • An agenda designed specifically to address a diverse range of issues that bring together industry, academia and government within proactive discussions.
  • Conference Tracks covering multiple topics of interest including HPI – Hydrocarbon Processing Industry, Chemicals, Biotechnology, Spectroscopy, and Food Quality and Analysis.
  • Topics including: process analyzer integration/control strategies, spectroscopy and gas chromatography (GC) techniques, advanced instrumental concepts for process analysis, quality control, process analysis and spectroscopy, chemometrics, NeSSI, advanced separations, imaging, process raman, lifecycle management and method reliability, process understanding and control, data communications and data management, real-time analysis and handheld instrumentation.
  • A comprehensive exhibition of process analysis and control equipment and services.
  • Opportunities to network with all levels of management and expertise at an international scale.
  • Endless opportunities for growth for new and established professionals.

Plus Precon Events…a short courses on Process Control – Towards using Process Engineering Chemometrics in Plant Operability and Controllability with Karlene A. Hoo, PhD, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, and a Short Course on Process NMR & MRI with Michael J. McCarthy, Professor of Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA and Paul J. Giammatteo, Ph.D., Process NMR Associates LLC, Danbury, CT IFPAC – 2011 will provide an opportunity to represent your company or organization among industry leaders that have been using PAT for nearly 60 years! For more information, contact 847-543-6800, [email protected] or visit www.IFPACpat.org