Honeywell and BTG Instruments optimize fiberline control in pulp mills

Feb. 17, 2010

PHOENIX – Honeywell has announced a collaboration with BTG Instruments, a supplier of high-quality instruments for the pulp and paper industry, to help optimize fiberline control in pulp mills. By integrating Honeywell's Profit Controller suite of advanced process control applications with BTG's line of high-performance sensors and analyzers, pulp mills can improve fiberline operations by incorporating environmental and quality aspects into their control systems. This additional information helps ensure the right amount of chemicals, energy and fiber are used throughout batch and continuous cooking, thermo mechanical pulping and bleaching processes.

Profit Controller is Honeywell's multivariable control and optimization software for complex and highly interactive industrial processes, such as pulping operations. The technology provides all necessary tools to design, implement and maintain multiple applications to improve process control to the maximum economic benefit.

"We have already seen significant interest from both existing and new customers as a result of this collaboration because mills have struggled for many years to incorporate the right information into their control systems," said Rick Van Fleet, global pulping APC solutions manager, Honeywell Process Solutions. "Combining Profit Controller's optimization qualities with the visibility provided by BTG's products will make efficient pulp mill fiberline control a reality."

BTG provides a wide range of instruments for pulp and paper processes, such as consistency control, chemical, mechanical and recycled pulping, stock preparation and wet end process control. Through the integration with Profit Controller, BTG sensors and analyzers also can fully integrate with Honeywell's Experion Process Knowledge System and other distributed control systems to help mills save fiber, energy and chemical costs while improving production efficiency and paper quality.

As part of the collaboration, mills can streamline maintenance and sustain system operation through Honeywell’s remote monitoring service offering, as well as through BTG's global service network.