Belden releases new Tofino line of industrial security products

Nov. 17, 2009

British Columbia, Canada -- Belden‘s Hirschmann Automation division will be releasing the new Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino product line at the SPS/IPC/Drives Electric Automation Exhibitions and Conference November 24-26 in Nuremberg, Germany. The new products combine a rugged security appliance with a collection of software modules that together provide practical and effective industrial network security that is simple to implement and does not require plant shutdowns. Suitable for use by the process control and SCADA industries, the Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino products provide increased safety, network security and performance of industrial control systems.

“The release of these new products brings together Belden’s automation market expertise with BSI’s proficiency in providing practical solutions to protect businesses from network and cyber threats. It is a good fit that will benefit many companies in manufacturing, energy, utilities and other similar industries where local IT staffing is limited,” commented Bob Mick, vice president of emerging technologies at ARC Advisory Group.

“The Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino product line expands our offerings for SCADA and industrial automation and adds value to the Hirschmannn range of automation and networking systems” said Mark Cooksley, Product Manager for Network Solutions at Belden.
The Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino Security Appliance is used to implement zones of security for equipment with common safety requirements and is unique because it can be installed in a live network with no special training, no pre-configuration and no changes to the network.  t is available in four variants that provide a mix of fiber and copper connectivity options.

Loadable Security Modules (LSMs) are software applications that customize the features on each security appliance on the network  Modules include Firewall, Secure Asset Management, Modbus TCP Enforcer, VPN and Event Logger. Of particular note is the Modbus TCP Enforcer LSM which performs detailed analysis and filtering of all Modbus TCP messages, and is the only security product certified by Modbus-IDA.

The Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino Central Management Platform (CMP) is an easy-to-use software application that centrally coordinates Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino Security Appliances and their LSMs.

“On the one hand, industry has become very reliant on high-quality, consistent data streams and yet on the other hand, staff do not necessarily have the deep IT expertise available onsite needed to implement and support traditional network security solutions” remarked Eric Byres, a leading global industrial security expert and the Chief Technology Officer of Byres Security Inc. “The Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino products can be installed in plants without disrupting operations because they do not require readdressing controllers or creating firewall rules from scratch. They provide functional, dependable solutions for the Hirschmann range of products.”