Invensys Operations Management to supply solution to Indian power plant

Oct. 26, 2009

SINGAPORE – Invensys Operations Management has announced that it has signed a U.S. multi-million dollar deal with Coastal Gujarat Power Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power Limited, to provide end-to-end integrated services and solutions that will fully optimize India’s first ultra-mega 4000MW power plant. Located in Mundra in the Gujarat Sate of India, it will be India’s largest coal-fired power plant when completed in 2013.

Under the terms of the agreement, Invensys will provide distributed and critical control systems, emergency shutdown systems, advanced process control, plant optimization and operator training simulator technology. The scope of the project includes the provision of end-to-end solutions, from boiler management systems to turbine auxiliary controls, with interfaces for seamless systems integration with other technology vendors.

Coastal Gujarat Power will be the first of the new mega power plants that will lead power generation capacity, efficiency and environmental sustainability. India’s rapid economic development will continue to drive energy demand, and the country has a five-year plan to create more than 78 GW of additional capacity by 2012.

Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd (CGPL) was incorporated on 10th Feb. 2006, as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to implement the Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project. The Mundra UMPP was awarded to Tata Power and as per the share purchase agreement Tata Power acquired CGPL on 22 April 2007.The project will have five units of 800 MW each, generating a total of 4,000 MW using supercritical technology and 40,000 MT /day imported coal. Power will be evacuated through six 400kV lines, to be installed by Power Grid, to ultimately benefit the States of Gujarat, Maharastra, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.