Security Incidents Organization provides public acces to info on industrial security incidents

July 20, 2009

SELLERSVILLE, Pa. - The newly formed, non-profit Security Incidents Organization today announced it will provide public access to the Repository of Industrial Security Incidents (RISI).

RISI is an industry-wide repository for collecting, investigating, analyzing and sharing critical information regarding cybersecurity incidents that directly affect SCADA, manufacturing and process control systems. With over 150 incidents, RISI is the largest known collection of industrial cybersecurity incidents.

Modeled after similar safety incident databases, RISI provides subscribers with reliable information that allows them to learn from others' experiences, understand the risks associated with industrial cyber-threats and adapt their current security policies in step with changing industrial cybersecurity dynamics.

RISI has a history dating back to early 2001, when academic researchers developed a database called the Industrial Security Incidents Database (ISID). In 2008 several private cybersecurity experts, building on ISID, began collaboration on the RISI project with a goal of making the information available to the entire industrial automation community.

The Security Incidents Organization was established in 2009 to fulfill this goal by operating the RISI database, researching incidents and making the results of that research publicly available.

Eric Byres of the Byres Security Division of exida, Todd Stauffer, also of exida, Aris Espejo of Syncrude Ltd., Eric Cosman of Dow Chemical Company, Mark Fabbro of Lofty Percy and Walt Boyes are members of the RISI Advisory Board.