Honeywell offers advanced industrial power gen solutions

Dec. 17, 2008

Phoenix, Ariz., Dec. 16 – Honeywell’s Process Solutions business today announced its Advanced Energy Solutions, a suite of process control, monitoring and optimization applications designed specifically for industrial power generation facilities.

The Advanced Energy Solutions suite allows industrial power and cogeneration plants to balance electricity generation demands with operational efficiencies and regulatory constraints. By implementing Advanced Energy Solutions, industrial power generation facilities will benefit from reduced heat rate and power production costs, increased effective boiler operating range, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, optimized production capacity utilization, optimized transient states control, extended production asset life and reduced maintenance.

The solution fully integrates with the Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System, as well as other distributed control systems (DCS). Software applications available as part of the suite include Advanced Combustion Control, Plant Performance Optimizer, Master Pressure Control, Plant Performance Monitor and Tie-Line Control. These applications have common architecture, compatible interfaces and can be implemented individually or as a completely integrated solution in order to maximize the process optimization benefit.

“Whether in emerging markets or the developed world, producing energy economically and efficiently and meeting regulatory requirements for greenhouse gas reduction are primary needs for industrial power generators,” said Jack Bolick, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. “This suite of solutions will help industrial power generators to operate reliably, maximizing efficiency and productivity while minimizing environmental impact.”

Murach said, “We are now able to more closely monitor the condition of our valuable assets like the feedwater pumps and determine the thermal efficiency of critical equipment. The newly available information allows us to optimize boiler efficiency and detect problems at their onset. This enables our maintenance personnel to make repairs at the most opportune time rather than waiting until something fails unexpectedly.”