Daelim Industrial selects Pavilion8 for process improvement

Dec. 9, 2008

Austin, Texas, Dec. 8 — To help improve production rates, quality and transition consistency in its operations, Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd, a leading polymer manufacturer, has selected the Pavilion Technologies Polymer Solution from Rockwell Automation for advanced process control on three production lines at its facility in Yeosu, Korea. Daelim will implement the Pavilion Polymer Solution on two high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lines and one linear low/high density polyethylene (LHDPE) line to help drive operational performance while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Polymer processes differ from most large-scale petrochemical processes due to the high volume and variety of products produced. As a result, operations focus on maintaining product quality during on-grade conditions and transitioning from one grade to the next in an efficient manner. Since polymer plants operate in a nonlinear fashion over a wide range of conditions, most traditional linear control solutions fail to provide the level of control needed for these producers.

The Pavilion Polymer Solution is based on the Pavilion8 integrated software suite to provide modeling, prediction, control and optimization capabilities in one unified platform. This provides companies with real-time and predicted measurements for process variables to help reduce dependency on lab samples while helping to improve production efficiency and product quality.

“In today’s unpredictable market landscape, producers increasingly are recognizing the value of advanced process control and investing in its ability to improve production operations,” said Greg Jackson, president of Pavilion Technologies, Rockwell Automation.

Rockwell Automation acquired Pavilion Technologies in November 2007 as part of the company’s strategy to expand its plant-wide information software and process automation offerings through its broad-based, industry applications. This has expanded Pavilion’s capabilities of providing the world’s leading, model-based, software solutions to improve industry profitability – with more resources, a global footprint and a broader solution offering to process manufacturers.