Emerson and Mitsubishi form alliance for turbine retrofit projects

Dec. 4, 2008

Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 2 — Emerson Process Management has announced the formation of an alliance with Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MPSA) of Orlando, Fla. The alliance, which combines Emerson’s expertise in power plant automation and control with Mitsubishi’s experience in gas and steam turbine design and service, applies to North American and Latin American turbine retrofit projects supporting W251, W501D5, W501D5A, and W501F gas turbines, as well as all models of Westinghouse technology steam turbines. MPSA has unique expertise on these turbines since it was involved in the design and development of the Westinghouse technology and continue to support and modernize the original Westinghouse technology platform.

“Leveraging the respective strengths of Emerson and MPSA results in a complete turbine solution, giving power generators an OEM alternative for gas and steam turbine retrofits, and long-term service and support,” said Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson. 

For decades Emerson’s automation technology has been helping customers to control critical power generation processes, increase plant efficiencies and megawatt production, and realize long-term O&M savings. Emerson has supplied more than 1,200 steam and gas turbine control systems.

Mitsubishi is one of the largest OEM service providers for gas turbine outages in North America with a proactive turbine service program focused on enhanced performance, turbine life extension, protection against avoidable damage and prevention of unplanned outages.

Emerson and MPSA have already successfully collaborated on a number of turbine retrofit projects. These include performing mechanical upgrades and installing Ovation controls at the Termocandalaria power plant in Cartagena, Colombia, and for the San Juan Repowering Project in Puerto Rico.