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Special Issue on Security

Oct. 7, 2008
Our Upcoming November Issue Will Be Devoted to Critical Infrastructure Protection for Process Operations. We’ve Brought Together Control's Team to Cover Every Aspect of this Important Issue. Find Out What We Are Covering
  • Editor in Chief Walt Boyes and cybersecurity expert and “Unfettered” blog author Joe Weiss untangle some of the tough knots in the cybersecurity tangle.
  • Executive Editor Jim Montague covers the “war” between enterprise and plant IT security and how to turn the conflict into a win-win for everyone.
  • Contributing Editor Rich Merritt looks at physical security inside and outside the plant. How we’ve moved past junk yard dogs and barbed wire to RFID, radar, video and more.
  • Control system guru Béla Liptàk talks control security in nuclear plants.
  • Fieldbus specialist John Rezabek tackles security in the field
  • Technical editor Dan Hebert asks whether integrated safety and security systems really work.

This is a can’t-miss issue. Look for it online or in print.