Emerson to provide integration services to Finesse customers

April 2, 2008

Austin, Texas – Emerson Process Management has entered an agreement with Finesse Solutions,  Irvine, Calif., a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications. Within the scope of this agreement Emerson will provide Finesse’s customers with integration and process automation services between Emerson’s DeltaV digital automation system and Finesse’s TruBio bioreactor control system on projects developed by Finesse’s direct sales force for bioprocess drug development and production. 

The TruBio system, which is powered by the DeltaV controller, is an "open" configurable software solution developed specifically for the life sciences industry.  The embedded configurable control logic for pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, agitation and a host of other parameters provides flexible control for both cell culture and fermentation applications.

TruBio is designed to enable OEMs, system integrators, engineering firms and end users to customize the control system quickly to meet their individual application requirements. TruBio's open, configurable design has the power to compress project schedules and reduce engineering costs while still facilitating customization.  Emerson’s role will be to integrate and scale up the embedded DeltaV controller in Finesse’s products into a larger DeltaV system or expand it to a plant-wide system. 

“The agreement between Finesse and Emerson will allow Finesse’s direct sales force to expand the application of the TruBio system from research and development into manufacturing,” said Barb Paldus, CEO of Finesse Solutions.  “Life-sciences customers will be able to achieve end-to-end process data sharing and faster scale-up through this combined solution.”

“I see this as a positive step forward between our two companies to offer our mutual customers integrated solutions based on Emerson’s PlantWeb technologies,” said Terry Moore, vice president, Life Sciences Industry Center of Emerson Process Management.