Emerson automates expansion of Guixi copper smelter

March 7, 2008

Austin, Texas, March 6 – Emerson Process Management has engineered, installed and commissioned PlantWeb digital architecture for advanced automation of Jianxi Copper Company’s expansion of its Guixi Smelter in Jiangxi Province, China. The smelter’s annual production capacity will be increased by 300,000 tons of copper and 800,000 tons of sulfate, making Jiangxi the largest copper producer in China. The smelter started up on time in August, 2007.

Emerson’s PlantWeb architecture networks the Guixi Smelter using Foundation fieldbus communications technology. The network of digital intelligence includes Emerson’s DeltaV digital automation system and AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager. The AMS Device Manager monitors smart fieldbus instruments continuously, issuing warnings of potential operating problems and providing personnel with the diagnostic information needed to implement a cost-saving predictive maintenance program.

“Emerson’s leadership in Foundation fieldbus and the AMS Device Manager predictive maintenance software was a principal factor in their being selected as automation supplier for our Guixi Smelter expansion,”  according to Mr. Youheng He, engineering director of engineering and construction department of Jiangxi Copper. “Our successful project and startup has shown that we made an excellent choice, as Emerson has added to its excellent track record of bringing value to companies in the mining and metals industry.”

Automation engineering took place at Emerson’s Pudong Engineering Center near Shanghai. Emerson technicians worked with smelter personnel to integrate the DeltaV system with Rosemount instruments, Fisher valves and Fieldvue digital valve controllers, and the AMS Device Manager.  Emerson was also responsible for final acceptance testing of all products and systems, control system configuration, training and other onsite services.

The Guixi smelter plant of JCL, constructed originally in 1985, is the first copper refinery in China to adopt the international advanced oxygen enrichment and double convection and double absorption technology. Major components for this technology were imported from Japan and Finland and put into operation in 2003. Planning for the current expansion began in 2007 to keep the smelter at the forefront of copper production in Asia.

 “Expanding the Guixi Smelter is a very important project for Jiangxi Copper Company, given the growing worldwide demand for this metal and its by-products,” commented Mike Train, president of Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific. “Equally important is having dependable operations to maintain production in the smelter without unexpected stoppages. Our PlantWeb architecture is known throughout the world for bringing value to process companies by increasing their product quality, throughput and reliability while reducing costs for downtime, maintenance and energy.”