Emerson gets Korean power plant upgrade

Jan. 23, 2008

Pittsburgh, January 23 — Emerson Process Management announced today that it has won a contract to replace existing controls at Boryeong thermal power plant Unit 1 and Unit 2 with its PlantWeb digital plant architecture. The contract was awarded by Korea Midland Power Company (KOMIPO), which operates the plant. The primary architect-engineer for the project is Korea Power Engineering Company Inc. (KOPEC).

Previously, the two 500-MW units each utilized multiple control systems – analog Toshiba turbine controls and a Bailey 820 analog system that controlled each unit’s Babcock & Wilcox boiler and balance of plant processes. Installation of Emerson’s Ovation expert control system will offer an integrated control solution for the nearly 25-year-old units. The Ovation system, a key technology that powers PlantWeb architecture, will monitor and control all major equipment, including the boiler, turbine and boiler feedwater pump turbine, as well as the burner management system and balance of plant processes.

“This project, in which separate islands of automation are replaced with a tightly integrated control system, is a model for how to modernize controls of an existing power generating facility,” said Bob Yeager, president of the Power & Water Solutions division of Emerson. “By adopting an integrated control strategy based on our PlantWeb architecture and Ovation technology, we expect Boryeong units 1 and 2 to achieve greater operational efficiency and enhanced plant performance – all of which will help KOMIPO best serve the burgeoning electricity needs of this region.”

In all, Emerson’s Ovation system will manage 12,000 I/O points at each unit. For additional efficiency, operators will be able to monitor and control operations of units 1 and 2 from a central control room.

Other components of Emerson’s automation solution include AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager and intelligent field devices, including Fisher I/P positioners (57 per unit) and displacement level transmitters (24 per unit), as well as Rosemount temperature transmitters (556 per unit), differential pressure transmitters (11 per unit), differential level transmitters (18 per unit) and pressure transmitters (five per unit).

Emerson’s Power & Water Solutions industry center will engineer, install and supervise the project. Both retrofitted units are expected to be operational in 2009.

The Boryeong power plant, located in middle of South Korea, consists of six operational units with two additional units (units 7 and 8) slated to connect to the grid in 2009. When completed, the facility will produce 4,000 MW of electricity to serve the region.

Under a separate contract, Emerson is migrating its previous-generation WDPF control system to the Ovation system for balance-of-plant processes at Boryeong units 4 and 6. The Unit 4 project is complete, while the migration for Unit 6 is currently underway.