Honeywell to provide quality control system for Mexican papermaker

Oct. 24, 2007

PHOENIX, Oct. 24 – Honeywell  today announced a $2.7-million agreement to provide its Da Vinci Quality Control System (QCS), Quality OptiMiser and Web Inspection System for Mexico’s top specialty paper manufacturer. Copamex, which has operations in North America and Mexico and customers in North America, South America and Europe, will use the Honeywell integrated solutions to help increase production and reduce fiber and steam usage at its paper mills in Monterrey, Chihuahua and Uruapan.

Copamex’s specialty papers are used in items such as checks, academic certificates, lottery tickets and drivers licenses. The new integrated system will allow Copamex mill operators to tightly control paper quality aspects such as paper weight and moisture content. These optimized conditions improve process efficiency by reducing the amount of steam energy needed to dry the paper sheets.

“Specialty paper manufacturers must adhere to very strict quality standards, which means the decisions our mill operators make must be based on the most pertinent production information,” said Evaristo Elguea, Copamex project chief. “Da Vinci was the best choice for our business because it streamlines the flow of information. The overall integrated solution is a strong illustration of Honeywell’s expertise in the paper market.”

The Da Vinci QCS comprises a suite of online sensors that deliver precise, high-resolution measurements across paper sheets. The system provides quality data, process information, historical trending and statistical analyses that can guide operators during production and help them work more efficiently. Copamex’s Da Vinci scanners also will feature the newest grade-change package, allowing operators to minimize quality variations across the width of the paper.

The Da Vinci system will integrate with Honeywell’s Web Inspection System, an online system that enables production staff to detect, identify and visualize defects in the paper. All of the information will be stored in Quality OptiMiser, a data historian system that allows operators to easily pull information for analysis and trending.

“Papermakers worldwide are considering automation as part of their corporate strategic plans to improve business performance. Integrated systems allow companies to use information across the entire value chain, enabling them to make timely decisions and monitor key performance indicators,” said Isaac Khalil, regional general manager for Honeywell Process Solutions Latin America. “Companies such as Copamex recognize the value of leveraging Honeywell’s solutions and services to improve quality, production efficiency and decision making capabilities.”