Millipore completes Phase 1 of modernization at Kankakee facility

Sept. 7, 2007

Billerica, Mass. -- Pharmaceutical supply maker Millipore Corporation has announced that Phase 1 of the plant modernization project is complete at its facility in Kankakee, Ill. The Kankakee plant is dedicated to the manufacture of certain key products including Probumin brand bovine serum albumin and other products derived from bovine serum or plasma.
Phase 1 modernization included installation of new, state-of-the-art-control and processing equipment. These changes will result in enhanced control over product quality and existing proprietary and fully validated processes. Critical equipment was substituted ‘like for like’ with modern equivalents of exactly the same configuration and processing characteristics, so customers will see no change in the reactivity or other characteristics of the affected products. This initiative does not impact the EX-CYTE focus factory also located at the Kankakee facility.

Phase 2 modernization will begin immediately and will include enhancements to plant capacity and to filling and packaging capabilities.

“This modernization to our Kankakee processing plant demonstrates Millipore’s commitment to delivering the highest product quality through enhanced process control to meet the on-going needs of our life-science customers,” said Andrew Bulpin Ph.D, vice president of Millipore’s Bio-Products and Technologies Business Unit. “Our many customers expect Millipore to maintain leadership in the area.”

Alan Doty, product manager for Probumin and EX-CYTE, added: “By completing this modernization phase, Millipore has confirmed Probumin as the premier BSA brand for life-science markets. Consolidating manufacturing into one modern facility means that our customers can continue to enjoy the high purity and excellent lot to lot consistency they demand from Probumin and all our bovine derived products.”