Invensys introduces new wireless-enabled solutions, expanded services

June 6, 2007

Foxboro, Mass, June 6. Invensys Process Systems today announced seven new wireless-enabled solutions and expanded global network implementation and support capabilities. These wireless-enabled solutions can be deployed at both the plant and enterprise levels to help improve overall industrial asset performance management.

"Since introducing Invensys' comprehensive managed network approach to industrial wireless technology back in 2005, we've been working closely with our customers to define and implement the specific applications where wireless technology can provide the most value," commented Hesh Kagan, strategic technology director at Invensys Process Systems. "When doing so, we've been careful to consider not just the initial cost-savings and long-term benefits that wireless-enabled solutions can deliver, but also the potentially higher support costs of wireless vs. wired networks, and how these support costs can be minimized through proper up-front engineering and long-term network monitoring and optimization services."

Invensys' expanding portfolio of fully engineered and supported wireless-enabled asset performance management solutions is both vendor-independent and standards-agnostic. The following solutions can operate in conjunction with most vendors' products, systems or software applications, using the most appropriate wireless standards available:

• Mobile Workforce - provides employees in the field with secure roaming access to real-time control systems, enterprise applications, documents, and other information via wireless hand-held devices and hardened Mil Spec and NEMA 4-rated tablet personal computers.

• Field Data Logging - enables personnel to quickly and accurately upload device and equipment status and diagnostic data to maintenance systems from the field.

• Condition Monitoring - wireless connection to remote sensors provides incremental measurements (tank levels, temperatures, pH, vibration, etc.) to provide a richer real-time data base to support highly effective model-based predictive maintenance strategies. Integrates with Invensys' InFusion Condition Manager, Avantis EAM and third-party computerized maintenance management programs.

• Asset Tracking - uses RFID technology to provide accurate identification and location of fixed and rolling assets with optional visualization on a hand-held device. Supports E-pedigree asset tracking for life sciences.

• Physical Security - provides flexibility to implement any combination of mobile video, fixed surveillance cameras (with or without access controls), intrusion detectors, and proximity sensors as required to cost-effectively extend the reach of physical security throughout a single building, a plant, an entire complex or even a series of complexes. Establishes a framework for regulatory compliance.

• Personnel Safety - provides practical and cost-effective means to accurately identify physical location of personnel in real time, notify first responders of safety shower activation, provide "man-down" notification for emergency services and remote evacuation alarming. Helps safeguard employees and visitors and ease compliance with regulatory requirements.

• Communications - provides secure integration of multiple wireless technologies (including both VoIP and high-speed backhaul communications) to cost-effectively connect people, facilities, and systems. Standards-compliant solution set integrates with existing IT infrastructure and systems.

Invensys wireless-enabled applications are in various stages of implementation at customer plants around the world. This includes a large chemical complex on the U.S. Gulf Coast, petroleum refineries in the U.S. and Europe and several U.S. power plants. Invensys is also building wireless solution implementation capabilities for offshore production platforms and large-scale mining operations.

Invensys' rapidly expanding Enterprise Networking and Security Practice includes highly experienced IT and automation professionals based around the world and utilizes a proven assess/design/implement/manage lifecycle methodology to deliver consistent, measurable results for all performance services.