ISA releases new editions of control systems books

March 27, 2007

Research Triangle Park, NC -- ISA has released new and revised editions of Automation and Control Systems Economics by Paul G. Friedmann and Programmable Controllers by Thomas A. Hughes.

Like its predecessor, Automation and Control Systems Economics, 2nd edition, covers the economic aspects of automation and process control, but expands on how the tools of economic and financial analysis can be applied to automation projects, especially those concerned with continuous processes. Techniques are presented for making reasonable cost-benefit estimates and project evaluations. Designed for self-study, the book also provides new sections that extend application of economic and financial analysis to control of discontinuous processes, including batch and discrete parts manufacturing. A new glossary has also been added.

Programmable Controllers, 4th edition discusses all phases of programmable controller applications from systems design and programming to installation, maintenance, and startup. Used as a resource by thousands of technicians and engineers, the applications-based book provides concise presentation of the fundamental principles of programmable controllers for process and machine control. Additional topics include binary logic fundamentals, electrical and electronic principles, input and output systems, memory and addressing, programming languages and data communication.

The fourth edition provides increased coverage of all five standard PLC programming languages: Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Function Chart, Instruction List and Structured Text. The addition of numerous programming applications and examples clearly explain each programming language. All the chapters have been supplemented with new or improved example problems and exercises, making it ideal for self-study.

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